About Paola Ciskanik

My Story

I am here to make your marketing simple!

I know what it’s like to be a busy entrepreneur, wearing many hats, directing many activities and wondering if what you are doing this very minute is productive, or a waste of time.

Let’s just say that things haven’t gotten easier for the busy entrepreneur, the distractions of the world, let alone the concerns to make payroll, to get new clients, to deliver your service or product is stretching you in ways you never imagined.

Here’s my story…

I  guess you could say I always loved business from the time I was 9 years old. My mom even saved my 3rd  grade essay on what I wanted to be when I grew up, a store lady…oh yes and to make people laugh.

That dream never died!

Fast forward to my adult years…I got married,…was pregnant with our 5th child and there I was going to the library each night after putting babies to bed (no internet then) to look up information to start and run my own mail-order business.  I worked every spare minute to put together a plan to start a book business, selling K-12 school books to Catholic homeschool families.…

Two years later baby six came and I was able to offer full time work to my husband…we had baby seven in the next two years and as our family grew, so did the business…it grew and grew into a $1.3 Million dollar business, employing 15 people for over 20 years!

In all that time I wished and prayed for marketing help!

I could barely keep up with the day to day building of the business, to devote any time towards planning marketing strategy…it seemed to be fly by the seat of your pants marketing…every marketer we tried working with did not know our market or better yet wasted valuable resources of time and money.

Now that I have graduated my seven kids from my family homeschool…Yes, did that too while building the business…but that’s another story…small business owners asked how did I do it?

I believe God plants passions and gifts in our hearts to be of service to others in this world. It is our mission to share these gifts to the world, as a gift of ourselves, in turn a gift from God. I come to all of this with a thankful heart, a desire to use my passion for small business, for the solopreneur, who has desires, and ideas swimming in your head waiting to come alive…you can do this. You are not alone and today…yes especially today you have many, many resources and tools to make your dreams come true, to glorify God in your work.

You will find here encouragement, real actionable steps to build the business you dream of…I promise to show up, to give you my best self… I put my experience and love of business together into this consulting business…helping busy entrepreneurs to find their story, their focus, and put together a cohesive and organized plan, making marketing simple.

Thank you so much for getting this far…whoosh…

Let’s stay connected, as a busy entrepreneur and mom (and grandma) I am not big on spending a lot of time on-line, However, I do run a group Catholic Mompreneurs, but I will do weekly emails with my top tips and best practices that are winners.

I do believe that it works best when we learn from each other. The very best way to stay connected is to join mailing list, and know that I honor you and promise to not flood mailbox, most likely just every Tuesday, or if there is an irresistible offer!